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Attractions in Delhi

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Attractions in Delhi

In case you are wondering how to get directions to the temples in Delhi, then this article will provide you with all the required information. People from all parts of India to visit the temples in Delhi all through the year for their prayers. However, it is a must to have proper information about the location of the temples so that one can plan their trip in the right way. Planning a trip to the temples in Delhi is not a very difficult task provided one has all the requisite details in front of them. These details include the hotels that you would like to stay in and the places that you want to visit on the way.

The first thing you should do if you want to know how to get directions to the temples in Delhi is to make a decision as to what you wish to get from the visit. The most popular of the two are the Amarnath Temple and the guru Nanak Temple. If you are a devotee of Lord Karthikeyan then you would surely be interested in the offerings made by him at his famous kunds. You will certainly love to see his image at the top of the skull. All the temples in Delhi are constructed in the same style and hence there are no differences, except for a few names.

The most important part of the whole ritual is the Aarti ceremony that is performed a day before the main start of the fasting period at the Chandana Brahma Temple. This ceremony is performed by the priest of the temple, who is followed by some pujas performed by the saints of the temple. While you are inside the temple carrying the push sticks and performing the aarti, you will hear the repeated Aarti mantra being uttered by the lingam of Siva. The lingam is then lifted and your face is covered with thick dappras which are believed to cleanse the impurities from your mind and soul.

The major highlight of the whole ritual is when the lingam is dipped in water and the effervescence from it covers the lingam and gets pronounced as a single line Aarti. This act of worship at the Chandana Brahma Temple is known as the “Vidhwans” and is performed by a small group of devotees who proceed to the lord’s resting place at the top of the temple complex. They sing devotional hymns and take the dip to get directions about reaching the lord.

From the resting place at the top of the temple complex the worshippers proceed to the main hall where the grandiose idol of the lord is seated. It is here that the grandiose idol is decorated with all the ornaments that are significant to him. When the devotees approach the statue, they get the right ornaments dipped in water as a symbol of dedication to the lord. After this they proceed to the conch chalets or bungalows that are situated next to the temple where they perform the Aarti again. This conch chalets are open to guests and they are treated grandly as guests of honor.

There are several temples in Delhi that you can visit and enjoy all these activities. You can even have a web visit website where you can upload your photographs of these activities and get directions to their destination. You can also contact any of the professionals associated with these temples and get further instructions. You can visit many temples in Delhi and make your visit a memorable one. So, do not forget to make your trip to the city a memorable one.