Delhi Tours – Explore the Cultural Heritage of India

//Delhi Tours – Explore the Cultural Heritage of India

Delhi Tours – Explore the Cultural Heritage of India

Looking for a good place for temples in Delhi? Look no further because the city is full of them. The largest temple complex in India is Varanasi and even then the demand for this temple is increasing day by day. These temples in Delhi have always been a part of the cultural heritage of India and there are various stories associated with these temples. When you are planning to get directions to this temple then the first thing you need to do is check out the web visit website of the city.

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One temple that is very popular is the Jain Temple at Vrindavan in Delhi. The Jain Temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma the creator of the Universe and is one of the eight most venerated temples in India. The entrance of this temple is through the path of Swarga (three steps in each direction) and when you enter inside you will find three huge gopurams. All the four rooms of the temple have paintings of Lord Brahma and are beautifully adorned. There is also a small cremation ground inside the temple complex and it is the last resting place of the dearly departed.

Another temple in Delhi that is visited frequently by tourists is the Vishwanath Temple. The main gate of this temple is the same as that of the Lord Brahma’s temples in Varanasi. This holy place has a huge idol of Lord Vishwanath. The Mandir on the top of the idol resembles the sun and is surrounded by lots of lights. When you get directions to this temple through the web visit website of Delhi then you will find out that this particular mandir was built five centuries back during the reign of Akbar.

Some of the other popular temples in Delhi are the Cheel Sagar (the temple of Victory), Jain Temple, Shabarimala Temple, Kundan Lal Temple, Kalkaji (temple of worship of Lord Shiva), Pushkar Temples, Chandani Chowk and others. When you get directions to these temples through the web, you will be told which are the important pilgrimage centres of Lord Brahma and also what is the day for which they are dedicated. On every day of the year there is a particular festival that occurs at these shrines and each festival has its own significance. You will also find out that the various activities and events that take place at these shrines are done in a very colorful manner. In the beginning of the month of August the entire city gets decorated with flowers, fruits and colorful cloths.

If you are looking forward to visiting some temples in Delhi then you can make your visit more exciting by taking part in the different sports and activities. The Lord Brahma Temple is known to have lots of activities like temple hopping, elephant riding, boat race, polo etc. near the temple complex there is a water tank where devotees can bathe and take a bath before they enter inside the temple. You can also buy flowers and fruits at the nearby markets and hire a sweet seller to give you the best divine tasting sweets during your stay at the temple. You can get directions to the particular temple from any travel agent or you can even check the website of the state temple of Agra.

There are also some other holy temples in Delhi like Hingashi Jain Temple, guru Nanak Niwas Temple and Dholedayasa Temple. All these temples have their own distinct features and you will have a very pleasant experience when visiting them. You can get directions to these temples in detail from any web visit website. You will find out the exact time of the visit as well as the venue of the particular temple from the website. You can also get the right timings for your journey from the online maps. So, get prepared to explore the rich cultural heritage of India during your Delhi trip.