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Temples In Delhi

World famous temples in Delhi (formerly Juma Masjid) have witnessed a tremendous increase in visitors in the last few years. The popularity of the temples has grown due to the increase in population from all across the country and the increasing demand from tourists from across the world. This is the reason that the government has taken a number of steps, including offering temple packages to the visitors in order to increase the influx into these places of worship. There are a number of renowned temples in Delhi that deserve particular mention.

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Juma Masjid: The main holy temple at South Delhi’s Juma Masjid is one of the oldest. It is known for its colossal size (over two hundred feet long). It was built by the great Mughal Emperor Raja Sawai for the worship of his dear wife Mumtaz Mahal. The famous Birla Temple (or Kundan Shiksha Samiti) is a few steps away from this temple.

Hanuman Mandir: The main shrine at the centre of South Delhi’s Old Town is known as the ‘Mantri’ or the Golden Temple. The name is based on the word “hanum” which means “gold”. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the patron deity of South India. A statue of the tantra sage is found at the centre of the main shrine.

Connaught Place: One of the most popular tourist spots in South Delhi is the Connaught Place. This area is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the son of the goddess Narakasura and Jambhidhwa. A temple dedicated to the god is located at the premises of this palace. Some of the temples here include Connaught Place Temple, Savitri Temple, Ram Nagar Temple and Savitri Temple. Lord Krishna’s image is a painted stone carving which is on display at the festival seasons.

Kalkaji: It is believed that Lord Karalee went to Kalkaji in search for his wife Maheswara. When they could not find her, they were drowned in the sea. The river was also crossing Kalkaji at the time and hence, they were reborn as fishermen here. This was the birth place of Lord Krishna. Today, the ruins of a temple were discovered near here and it is believed that it was built by king Bimbisar in the sixteenth century AD.

Chhatarpur: This is another famous temple of Lord Brahma located at the heart of South Delhi. It is one of the oldest temples in the capital city and was built around 700 years back. This temple is surrounded by an intricately designed fountains and has a golden temple attached to it. There are around 70 acres of land surrounding the Chhatarpur Mandir and around it are around seven temples.