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Temples In Delhi

People visit temples in Delhi for a number of reasons. The temple is usually built with an intention to spread the religious sentiment and pray for the well being of the people. This is done to form a link between the devotees and the holy land of Hindus. The government of Delhi has also taken a keen interest in promoting the temples and other places of worship so that there is a widespread spread of the religion in the city. There are many historical temples in Delhi which can be visited by the tourists from all over India as they will help you get connected with the rich cultural heritage of India.

temples in delhi

Jain Temples is located in the middle of the Indus River. These temples have a unique history and they are also known for their rich paintings. Some of these temples have been converted into religious centres, while others have also been adapted to meet the needs of the present day. Some of the temples in Delhi are also found along the banks of the river and this makes them even more attractive.

One such temple that tourists can visit is the Akshardham Temple. It is located near the banks of Yamuna. This is a small temple located amidst greenery. This temple serves as a main hall of the entire temple and is also one of the three places called the four corners where the bodies are believed to be buried. The main temple is also located near here and is known as the biggest temple of Yamuna. This temple has a very old and ancient structure and many scholars feel it is one of the oldest in the world.

Another temple is the Chandana Buddha Temple, which is located near the Pragati Maidan. This temple is dedicated to Lord Chandana who is the God of meditation. There are also many temples located near the Manali Plateau. The temples in this area are dedicated to Lord Brahma, the Creator of Universe and the entire Universe.

Some temples are based on the stories of Gautama Buddha. They have stories painted on the walls and also have pictures depicting the story of Buddha. Some of these temples are so exquisitely built that they are considered as a wonder of the world. Some of them also depict the story of the great king of Magadh, who was adored by the whole kingdom. These temples are located in the heart of the city of Jaipur. There are also some temples located in the region of Jodhpur and are famous among tourists.

There are many more temples in Delhi that you can choose from. There are temples for all seasons and most of them are located outside the main gates of the city. This ensures that no tourist will miss the opportunity to visit the temples. If you want to see more temples in Delhi, then visit the Indian Tourism Department website and check out what is new in the Delhi region. This will surely lead you to many temples.