Temples in Delhi – A Symbol of Indian Spiritual Heritage

//Temples in Delhi – A Symbol of Indian Spiritual Heritage

Temples in Delhi – A Symbol of Indian Spiritual Heritage

A visit to the temples is a unique experience for every visitor in Delhi. The tourists have different reasons to visit these temples and spend their valuable time in meditation and worship. There are several sites which are famous for their religious significance and offer some special occasions for devotees. Some of the popular temples in Delhi are Kutub Minar, Ekadash Rudra Temple, Vasant Panchami Temple, Anand Sagar Lake Temple, Ram Nagar Fort, Shahpura Temples, Jain Temples, Dilwara Jain Temple and many more.

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These temples in Delhi are the symbol of love and respect for the holy shrines. When you visit these temples in Delhi, you are blessed with the pure form of the divine energy. You can also see the bright moon rise above the four corners of the temples. The main attractions of these temples are their huge space, which provides a wonderful environment for performing the ceremony. When you visit the temples in Delhi, you are blessed with the divine beauty of these places.

The major attraction of these temples is that there are different temples for different sects and castes. There are several stories that narrate about the origin of the temples and how they were established. The people who performed the rituals or the devotees have been associated with the development of the temple. The rich history of the temples is revealed through various stories. These temples also play an important role in the history of India. They have played a vital role in spreading the religion in the country.

When you visit to a temple, you will be greeted with the presence of the priest and the fragrance of flowers. In order to please the guests, the priest performs certain rituals that include singing of hymns, offering of sweets, wine and fruits, dance, songs and recitation of poems. The tourist should not miss the opportunity of visiting to these temples in Delhi.

When you are in Delhi, you can also make some delicious delicacies in the temple kitchen like vermilion rice cooked in banana leaves. This is known as ‘Agni Kaju’ in Delhi. It is one of the most delicious delicacies prepared in these temples.

Delhi is also famous for the nightlife. You can party at these places all through the year. The best time to visit to the temple in Delhi is during the New Year. In this festival, the city comes alive with lights and there are numerous fun filled activities going on all around. During this time, the tourist is also invited to attend the temple.