Transportation In Delhi

//Transportation In Delhi

Transportation In Delhi

Public transport in New Delhi includes the Delhi Metro, the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus system, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws and taxis. Other means of transit include suburban railways, inter-state bus services and private taxis which can be rented for various purposes. However, buses continue to be the most popular means of transportation for intra-city travel, they cater to about 60% of the total commuting requirements

Auto Rickshaws

The yellow and green liveried 3-wheeled Auto rickshaws are one of the most popular modes of transport in the city. These rickshaws run on CNG and are environmentally friendly and quite cost effective mode of travel in New Delhi.

An auto rickshaw can seat a maximum of four people and can be hailed any where in the city. Word to the wise always insist on travelling by meter, or at least settle the fare before embarking on the vehicle. If the meter is inoperable due to any reason, insist on fare-sheet by kilometre – every Rikshaw driver is required by law to keep such sheet and present it when asked.

DTC / Private Buses

Primary mode of Travel in New Delhi are its CNG Buses, which ply on all the major routes and connect the popular attractions. There are two types of city buses – red and green, or AC and Non-AC. The red AC ones are newer, air-conditioned, and have low floors, making them easier to board. Their tickets are pricer than the green ones.

You can take a bus if you wish to travel within the city over a short distance. It’s not, however, the quickest or most comfortable way to travel. Buses are almost always crowded during the morning and evening rush hours, and it’s best to avoid them in general if you’re on a tight schedule.

Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro has changed the way Delhiites commuted, it is now the easier and comfortable to get around the city. It is hailed as one of the largest Metro rail systems in the world, it has been completed in stages over the years since construction began in 1998.

The majority of the main sights in the city lie close to a Metro station and visitors can purchase a special card for short distance travel over one or three days. See for more information and maps.