Delhi: A Wide Reaching City Has Something for Every Guest

//Delhi: A Wide Reaching City Has Something for Every Guest

Delhi: A Wide Reaching City Has Something for Every Guest

There are several ways to be a part of the ever-growing new Delhi tourism. These include Delhi tours, travel in Delhi, luxury tours to Delhi, New Delhi tours, cheap Delhi tours, and even honeymoon in Delhi, with a honeymoon in Delhi, being special in all meanings. Delhi being the national capital of India has seen many historical events like the creation of a nation, its struggle for independence and various other important events. Delhi has become the heart of India, providing everything from business to cultural activities. The city never fails to amaze its visitors with its architectural designs, beautiful monuments and wonderful people. There are many well-reputed tour operators who offer affordable New Delhi tours.

Delhi has always been a center of attraction and has always been one of the top places to visit in India. New Delhi is an administrative district of NCT Delhi and the national capital. Delhi is also home of all the three branches of the federal government of India, housing the main Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and other government offices.

Delhi being a central district has a lot of options to offer tourists. The best thing about Delhi’s tourism sector is that it has something for every tourist. You can choose to sight see, experience the nightlife, shop and dine or spend time swimming, fishing, hiking, golfing, trekking, water sports, or simply taking a loo. As the tourism industry in Delhi has grown over the years, so has the accommodation options. As against earlier times when Delhi was mainly a royal travel destination, these days it caters to the needs of tourists coming from all corners of the world.

There are many hotels in Delhi that provide good amenities and a cozy ambience to its guests. The hotels in Delhi range from the budgeted hotels offering only minimal services to the five star luxury hotels offering all types of facilities and services. Many of the five star deluxe hotels are reputed world-class hotels with branches in some of the leading cities of the world such as Tokyo, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Hotels in Delhi not only cater to the national and international tourist, but they also have branch offshoots catering to the needs and interests of the domestic tourists. For instance the boutique hotels in Delhi’s trendy locality provide a taste of traditional Indian hospitality to foreign tourists and offer a glimpse into the life of a typical Indian village. Such boutique hotel is also frequented by the elite for a comfortable and luxurious stay. The boutique hotel in Delhi’s range also offer budget accommodations to accommodate the pockets of tourists coming to the city for business and other official obligations.

Another important trend emerging in the city’s growth is the presence of many hotels offering a mix of European and Asian amenities and services. This trend has caught up with many ordinary citizens and thereby led to a gradual rise in the number of hotels in Delhi, offering a mix of European and Asian services. Hotels in Delhi offering a mix of European and Asian amenities and services have more options to suit the pocket of various types of travelers and tourists. Moreover, they also offer an option to the tourists to get a feel of the local culture of the city by having a visit to the local temples and churches during their stay. Some of these hotels also have an in-house English speaking staff who can help in understanding the local language and customs of the city.

Some hotels also offer special packages to tourists coming for tours to major cities of India or just for a holiday tour to the east. Such hotel packages arrange hotel rooms and boarding and lodging together with air or train tickets to the destinations specified by the package holder. Such offers can be used by people travelling in large groups to save money. Moreover such packaged tours also offer special discounts on meals while spending a holiday in one of the hotels in Delhi. Such hotel packages are also offered by tour operators who specialize in providing information about tourism in Delhi and other Indian tourist destinations.

Thus we can say that there is a long list of hotels in Delhi ranging from budget-friendly hotels to luxury 5-star hotels. All the hotels in Delhi strive to provide first-class hospitality and services to their guests irrespective of their budget. The increasing number of hotels in Delhi has given a new dimension to Delhi tourism and the city is now considered the prime destination for holidays in India.