Hotels in Delhi – Give Your Stay a Royal Look

//Hotels in Delhi – Give Your Stay a Royal Look

Hotels in Delhi – Give Your Stay a Royal Look

Hotels in delhi

Hotels in Delhi – Give Your Stay a Royal Look

Hotels in Delhi have the potential to become the most promising choice of lodging for travelers. They are in close proximity to the major tourist attractions and they have an appealing combination of modern facilities and historical charm. Hotels in Delhi can be classified into two categories- heritage hotels and modern hotels. Heritage hotels embody a rich tradition of hospitality and they are known for their intricate design and ornamentation. They are also renowned for preserving the rich culture of the country.

The Taj Palace Hotel is one of the most renowned hotels of the city. It was built by the Mughal Emperor during the 16th century and it has an exquisite historic design. The hotel boasts of an ornate colonnaded port and grand corridors. The hotel can accommodate around eleven hundred guests and is equipped with world-class business facilities and conference rooms.

Another important feature in the hotel is the huge indoor spa and a swimming pool. All rooms have luxurious furniture including cherry wood, mahogany and teak wood. The hotel is equipped with a fitness centre, a swimming pool and a spa tub. Apart from these, there are many other luxury hotels in Delhi such as the Taj Mali and the Oberoi. The Oberoi is a contemporary hotel, which has a beautiful courtyard surrounded by lush green surroundings. The western side of the hotel has a fitness centre and a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail after a long day of work.

The Taj Mali is a five star hotel located on the border of the city and it is considered to be the cultural landmark of the city. The hotel features an ITC kindergarten where you can interact with children from a very young age. The Taj Mali is surrounded by some beautiful gardens and it has a library where you can read books on various subjects. The hotel offers a wide range of amenities such as a conference centre, a business centre, a health club, a restaurant and a spa house.

Hotels in Delhi are also popular for their excellent business facilities. Some of the best luxury hotels in the city have their business centre located here. The hotels have meeting rooms and conference rooms which can be hired for corporate meetings and conferences. The Taj Mahal Hotel is a good example of such a hotel. This hotel has a business centre which is used by various corporate houses to arrange their conferences. The Taj Mahal is one of the five star hotels in Delhi and it was once a famous Meccanese palace.

There are a number of budget hotels as well which are very comfortable and you can find room rentals in these as well. You can get rooms for as low as thirty dollars per night. These luxury hotels in Delhi are your perfect choice for a fantastic and royal stay in the capital city of India.