Get Directions to the Major Religious Temples in Delhi

//Get Directions to the Major Religious Temples in Delhi

Get Directions to the Major Religious Temples in Delhi

The major tourists attractions of New Delhi are the historical monuments like Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, India Gate, Lotus Temple and many more. There are many places where you can get directions to these monuments from Delhi itself. For example, you can get instructions to go for trekking at J.P.Village or Rama Temple. If you are interested in shopping, you can visit Lajpat Nagar and Neelambur in the national capital and find great variety of merchandise. If you want to experience a taste of Indian cuisines, you can visit the restaurants in central Delhi.

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One of the most popular tourists attractions is the Lord Buddha Temple at Anand Sagar. You can find out more about this sacred temple complex on a web visit website. At this place you will also find an age-old museum that has valuable paintings and artifacts. It is a must see site for all the Buddhist tourists.

You can also get directions to some major pilgrimage sites in and around Delhi. There is the Santosh Temple at Rama Temple in the holy city of Amritsar and a beautiful statue of Lord Sri Guru Nanak at Rameswaram. You can also see the sacred temple at Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A lot of Hindu and Sikh temples are present near here.

Jain Temples is also a great attraction in Delhi. Some of the famous Jain temples are Kalkaji Temple, Milam Temple, Khajuraho Temple and many others. The best time to visit these temples is during the rains, as the devotees get a chance to catch a glimpse of the deity while performing the aarti.

In order to get directions to the Jain and Sikh temples in Delhi, you can also hire a car and do the aarti on the roads near the temples. It is better not to take a taxi or any other public transport for this purpose. The reason is that the devotees may be expected to perform the aarti after dark and the taxis and other public transports cannot perform the aarti on those occasions. If you have a problem with the local administration, you can approach them and ask for alternate routes. However, the chances are that they will try to pull you away from the temple, as it is against their religious beliefs to perform the aarti after dark.

When you are in Delhi visiting the various temples and have a purpose to get directions to your destination, there are quite a few ways of reaching the destination. However, if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle, it is better to use a cab or any private vehicle. The best way to reach the Lord Ganesha temple complex is using the red bus which stops at every temple. Even though it may cost more than the cab, you will definitely enjoy visiting all the Jain and Sikh temples in a peaceful and beautiful environment.