Hotels In Delhi – Choose From The Best Hotels

//Hotels In Delhi – Choose From The Best Hotels

Hotels In Delhi – Choose From The Best Hotels

There are several hotels in Delhi offering great hospitality to the tourists coming from all over the world. These hotels are renowned for their rich decor, warm hospitality and excellent services. The following best hotels in Delhi will not only break your wallet, but they will also offer memorable and comfortable stays.

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Taj Banjara is a first class hotel located at Anand Puri in South Delhi. It offers a spectacular view of the Indira Gandhi Memorial and Lake Palace to its guests. Room amenities include a separate kitchen and living room with cable television, telephone and Internet connection. All rooms have luxurious king-size beds with separate bathrooms and air conditioning. The price range of the Best Five-Star Hotels in Delhi includes accommodation in single or twin room with full kitchen and bath.

Viceroy Hotel is one of the best five star hotels in the city centre of New Delhi and it has been constructed entirely with wood. The hotel accommodations are tastefully done and all rooms are well furnished. It has modern facilities like round the clock reception, wifi internet broadband, refrigerator, microwave oven and telephone with data network access. The best amenities offered by the Viceroy Hotel are conference rooms, restaurants, deluxe room with balcony and complimentary programme booking of tickets to the monuments of India.

Lake Palace Hotel is located at Chandrapuram and it is one of the best places to visit in the city of New Delhi. The hotel is surrounded by lush green surroundings and the sight of Lake Palace is mesmerizing. The rooms have facilities like a heated swimming pools, television, microwave, hair dryer and telephone with data network. The price of the Best 5-Star Hotels in Delhi is around Rs 1500 per day.

The Residency Hotel, Ashoka Hotel and Sheraton Residency are some other good five-star hotels in Delhi. All these hotels have luxurious suites and they are equipped with the best possible amenities. Some of these suites offer separate living areas, bathroom and sun terrace, and these are the exclusive residential rooms of the five-star hotel. The suites have bath tubs and steam rooms, and all the luxuries and comfort one can get in a luxury hotel.

Hotel Radisson Marina is also famous as VillaRCI and it is located at Burberry Towers in London. It has been constructed entirely with wood and the views of Lake Palace are breathtaking. It has been constructed with the best possible accommodation and features all the luxury facilities one can imagine in a luxury hotel. The rooms have attached balconies, flat panel televisions with surround sound systems, hairdryers, iron-free walls, bath tubs and private pools. The service of the Radisson Hotel is excellent and it offers all the rooms with attached bars and 24 hours room service.