Hotels In Delhi – 3 Star Hotels That Offer An Unforgettable Stay

//Hotels In Delhi – 3 Star Hotels That Offer An Unforgettable Stay

Hotels In Delhi – 3 Star Hotels That Offer An Unforgettable Stay

Hotels in Delhi to cater to the needs of people living in northern India as well as visitors from other parts of the country. For travelers, it’s all the monuments at Red Fort and Qutab Minar and Akshardham Temple that they read about in their travel books. For businessmen and commerce-minded Indians, going to the corporate business center is all about budget or cheap Delhi hotels to bargain for the best facilities available in the hotel. Tourists too seem to have no qualms about coming to these places as they book rooms conveniently even during weekends.

But what tourists do not know about Delhi is that not all hotels are created equally or offer good services. There are many hotels that have poor infrastructure, substandard and outdated service, and poor or non-existent parking lots. As many hotels have become chain franchises over the years, the quality of service in one Delhi hotel differs drastically from another. It’s no wonder that many travelers to this popular capital leave the city frustrated, not having had a pleasant stay. Some complain about the noise levels, while others complain about the cold or hot temperature. Most complaints however come from those who have stayed at budget hotels in Delhi that are not well-equipped with modern amenities and basic amenities.

As a result of such widespread negativity about Delhi’s hotels, many people fail to realize that there is an alternative to those who are looking for cheap accommodation in Delhi – accommodations in heritage properties. With vast and rich history, Delhi possesses a wide variety of luxury properties that come at different price ranges depending on the location and amenities offered. However, the best hotels in Delhi also fall into three categories – heritage properties, chic apartments, and boutique hotels.

Heritage properties are the best hotels in Delhi for those who are willing to pay a price that is high compared to other accommodations in Delhi. These properties are historical like hotels that existed before the 18th century. As these hotels offer great value for money, they are often recommended by realtors and property consultants. In fact, many of the best hotels in Delhi have historic origins and thus attract buyers who seek to invest in properties that preserve their old European and Indian traditions. Since heritage properties are a relatively new breed, they tend to be relatively expensive as compared to other luxury hotels in Delhi.

If you’re looking for a place that is not far from Delhi, yet is replete with all the modern comforts of modern living, then you can check out one of the many chic apartments in Delhi. A centrally located and conveniently placed, these apartments are the best option if you are planning to stay around the city center. Often, these apartments in Delhi come equipped with telephones, microwave ovens, cable television set, and private telephone lines. If you have a car, then you can even rent it at these apartments. So, if you are staying away from the main attractions of Delhi, but still want to experience the city’s delights, then these luxurious apartments are the best way to do it. Moreover, staying in such an apartment will also allow you to experience the culture of the place, as most of these apartments have their own restaurants or food courts where local delicacies are served.

Besides these deluxe rooms, you can also get to experience some of the best food in the city at various restaurants located along Juhu Beach Road. If you are on a strict budget, then this place is a great alternative as it offers good food at cheaper rates. However, while you can enjoy the food at cheaper rates, you may have to eat at small portions and take a few sips of wine. The best hotels in Delhi also offer great room service and organize your hotel accommodation at Juhu Beach Road so that you can explore the area to its fullest extent.