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Temples In Delhi

Temples in Delhi are no more restricted to those ancient edifices built over hundreds of years ago. These temples too have undergone changes to transform them into magnificent examples of spirituality, history and art. The architectural grandeur of the temples in Delhi is proof enough of their immense popularity among visitors and residents alike.

There are scores of temples in Delhi, which have emerged as prominent tourist attractions. Some of them have turned into major draws among foreign tourists. Mehrangarh Fort and Qutub Minar as two such temples in Delhi that enjoy worldwide popularity. Their significance is immediately evident from their being listed on the list of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. These temples in Delhi have become symbols of love, faith and respect by almost every visitor who sees them.

Vasant Panchami Temple is one of the most popular temples visited by visitors. It was built over a century ago. This temple is believed to be the oldest Hindu temple in India. It is located near the Golden Chariot and is considered sacred for all Hindus. There are many stories associated with it and many legends too about Lord Brahma being born here. Every year during Diwali, thousands of devotees visit this temple to offer prayers for the upcoming season.

Another temple which commands huge numbers of visitors is the Anand Sagar Lake Temple. This is a smaller temple which accommodates less devotees but has a rich history and legacy. The story goes that Lord Brahma, Creator of the universe and patron of mankind came to earth and established this temple. His essence can be easily sensed through its structure and the Shastras.

These temples in Delhi have also had a major say in the spiritual life of people who come here for solace and support. Many devotees visit these temples to ask for their help in performing their daily duties towards their family and friends. They feel that these places can grant them peace and tranquility and enable them to concentrate on their daily tasks and responsibilities. Some even take leave from their hectic lives to spend some days at these temples and pray for their well-being.

Some of these temples are quite old and belong to a period before modern India. This mystic and rich land owes a lot to its heritage. Tourists can explore this land and discover its hidden secrets in temples located all over Delhi. This city offers something for everyone to explore. It is home to various other temples too, so there is no dearth of temples in Delhi for a tourist to visit.