The Best Places To Visit In Delhi

//The Best Places To Visit In Delhi

The Best Places To Visit In Delhi

Delhi has some of the oldest and most sacred temples. These temples have their own significance and offer eternal bliss to the visitors. These temples are very old and have many charms. Some of the temples in Delhi have even earned international recognition. Some of them are:

Jain Temples: Jain Temple is one of the most important religious places of India. It is located at Jainabad and is counted among the seven religious places of India. There are around 200 shrines in this temple. All these temples are dedicated to God Shiva and are worshiped with special focus. There are around 200 devotees of this religion who regularly visit these shrines to offer prayers and take vows for the welfare of the holy land.

Gurudwaras: This is one of the most important shrines in Delhi and it is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the lord of the Gurus. This is one of the most important places for Lord Ganesha, as people visit here every year to pay their respects. Many of these shrines have gained international recognition because of their age-old charm and spiritual significance. There are around 400 Gurudwaras in New Delhi.

Jain Temples: Jain Temples is majorly located in New Delhi, but they have a huge following in the state and nearby areas. The main temple at Agra that attracts devotees visit on a daily basis is the Birla temple. There are around 200 shrines including the Lord Brahma temple at Srinagar. Around 100 new Jain temples are being constructed to keep pace with the demand of these devotees.

Lotus Temple: This is another must visit place for all those who wish to at least worship the God or the goddess. The biggest attraction of this temple is the big lotus which takes about three to four days to build and can be seen growing steadily by the crowd on a daily basis. This temple is located in the center of Delhi and was built almost 500 years back. It is said that the lotus emerged from the mud of the muddy ponds of Amarnath where the Lord spent his last moments.

Baba Is The Original Temple: It is located near Delhi’s old city center. This temple is constructed entirely out of sandstone and is considered as the oldest temple in India. Built over a hundred years back it is made completely out of natural stones and has intricate carvings on its wall. The walls of this temple were carved by a pair of brothers named Subodh and Abhravy. The building itself was finished in the month of 1982 and a lot of devotees visit this temple on a regular basis to pay their respects.